Predictive Metabolomics

we aim at predicting metabolic trajectory of any living system,
be it a human body or a cell culture.

While abundant and accurate real-time metabolome data allows for advanced monitoring of living / biomanufacturing processes, the further adoption of statistical approaches and machine learning provides additional capabilities to this technology: predictive metabolome monitoring and predictive biomanufacturing control.

Monitoring & predicting metabolic changes is a game-changing technology that will shape the future of healthcare & biotechnologies.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industry

value proposition
  • Clinical trials: reduction of time & capital costs
  • Drug screening & testing: reduction of time & capital costs
  • Medical device / personalized medicine: quick health status & metabolic status check
  • Enabling Space Healthcare

Biomanufacturing & Cell Therapies

value proposition
  • R&D stage: reduction of time & capital costs
  • Scaling: increasing the efficiency, reduction of time
  • Productivity: 30-300% increase in productivity
  • Enabling close-cycle biomanufacturing
  • Enabling autonomous bioreactor operation
  • Enabling Space Biotech

Space Exploration & Utilization

Space Healthcare & Space Biotech
  • Settlements on Moon & Mars are impossible without autonomous bioproduction greenhouses that will serve as Food, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical & Chemical industries on Earth. Predictive Metabolomics is the key technology to build such planetary bioproduction platforms.
  • It is also crucial for physiology & metabolism research in microgravity conditions, which is vital for the development of commercial space tourism.
We are the semi-finalist of "Humans In Space" challenge hosted by Axiom Space.
Areas of application
  • Next-gen Medical devices / Personalized medicine: Devices for real-time monitoring and understanding of the patient's personal metabolic profile
  • Next-gen Healthcare / Clinical trials: Faster & cheaper clinical trials that leverage real-time monitoring and prediction of a patient's health / metabolic status
  • Pharmaceutical industry / Drug screening: Faster & cheaper understading of a drug effect on a living system / immune cell cultures / microbiotal cell cultures through real-time in vivo / in-vitro monitoring of a living system / cell culture secretome
  • Improved biopharmaceutical manufacturing: Intelligent, high-performance precision fermentation for pharmaceuticals (mAbs, RNAs, vaccines, etc.)
  • Next-gen cell therapies: Scalable stem-cell-based / immune-cell-based therapies; Efficient microbiota-based therapies
  • Improved regenerative medicine: Better tissue engineering; Disrupting stem-cell-based embryology
  • Sustainable large-scale food biotechnology: Scalable, cost-effective biomanufacturing of cultivated meat, seafood & plants
  • Food biotechnology: Cost-effective traditional fermentation & brewery / winemaking
  • Sustainable Biotechnology: Scalable, efficient bioproduction of biofuels & carbon removal using biotechnology
  • Space Biotechnology: Autonomous bioproduction greenhouses for planetary (Moon & Mars) stations
  • Space Healthcare: Physiology and metabolism research in microgravity conditions
  • Next-gen Life Science Education Technologies: Novel EdTech devices for the study of disciplines related to Biotechnology and Healthcare
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